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November 21, 2006


I bought that magazine - it's wonderful! I'll have to check out the website! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the great entry about my magazine... I couldn't do it without the talented craft bloggers like you and all of your friends... HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thanks for promoting my magazine... if we sell enough we can do a summer issue... Warmly, Matthew Mead

Thanks for the link, I've never heard of that mag.

It looks like great minds think alike because I did a post on this magazine today! I'm really thrilled to have discovered this guy and his talent for myself. Glad you did too.

After 2 different bloggers recommending this magazine I went out today and found it.

I was already familiar with Matthew Meads' work on Country Style on HGTV. I miss that show so much and wish they would bring it back on,I watched reruns all the time of it.

The magazine is great and I hope he is able to put together more and it doesn't take too long for us to wait.

I can't find this locally. Maybe Borders.. just found out he's also local to me. What fun! :)

Make me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the link- must go check out those great cake tags!!!!

Thank you for sharing! I love the link & I`ll have to take a closer look at it when I have more time...

Hope you`re having a nice December!

Best wishes,

I stumbled upon Matthew Mead's blog the other day, it was great! I have that mag too right now and find it very inspiring, and above all, simple with attainable results!

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