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August 10, 2006


My menu selections never sound so good. It's more like "do you want spaghetti or meatloaf?" Can I have dinner at your house? I voted for the salmon, just because it is something I've never cooked but sounds really good.

What a great idea - how did you get that little survey to work? I go through the same thing - love to cook, tons of cookbooks, nothing to make!! Will you share the winning recipe (since it looks like the salmon and I don't have that cookbook)?

what fun! Lemon chicken sounds like a nice summer meal.. although the salmon sounds yummy too! be sure and let us know the final results!

How impressive that you placed the poll on your blog. You go girl. I'm adding lavosh to my next week's menu as well as beer-can chicken on the grill. It's so moist, tender and flavorful. Keep the ideas coming. I think we are all out of ideas because of the heat.

To put together a poll for your blog (or to e-mail to friends) you can go to http://www.vizu.com/

I will certainly share the winning recipe.

Fantastic poll, Lauren! You know I'm always voting for a Barefoot Contessa entry. You have a lovely blog. I've added you to my bloglines account so that I can keep track of you!

Wow it looks like you will be enjoying lemon chicken this weekend if the bloggers have their way. You've turned your blog into an interactive "reality voting" blog - how cute!

Ooooh so if we choose the winning dish to we get to come over for dinner? :)

I love your web poll! What a great idea. Your baby quilt is so adorable!

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