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July 28, 2006


Heh. . . It took me six months to finish five little pins last year. I had made ten wrapped beaded flowers, and all I had to do was WIRE THEM ONTO FIVE PINBACKS. Worse, this was a wholesale order (but it was a casual order from an SBer, lucky for me). They sat on a counter, getting more and more tarnished as time went by. Making the ten flowers was the first mistake. I hate reproducing ANYTHING. So now I know better. Once I finally made myself sit down and do it, it was over pretty quickly and painlessly. That's why I do all OOAK. :-)

Those fruit are cute! If it makes you feel any better, we built a cover for a planter in our 60's tri level two years ago. I covered it with the most beautiful green Sicis Italian glass tiles and have yet to grout it. And now the kids are starting to pick at it which means I have to readhere some before I can even grout now. I just couldn't decide on a grout color!

Cute blog & no worries, my UFO's are so ridiculous ,and i always have 30+ projects going at once!! Great recipes too, i will have to try!

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